Recorded 12 June.

Two down, who knows how many more to come?! For now, join Old Phranchize for the third time in 24 hours as he boils the piss off the Sony E3 2018 conference. Just how visceral is The Last Of Us 2? How much of a mess have them pesky Mongols made in Ghost of Tsushima? How good does the webslinger look slinging web in Spiderman?…. What the actual fuck is Death Stranding? All this and more, and its live… NOW! (This E3 joke has almost ran its course, I swear).


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Recorded 11 June.

The E3 train keeps rollin’! Two in a day for Old Phranchize as he boils the piss clean off the Bethesda E3 conference. Expect talk aplenty in regards to Doom 2, Fallout 76 and its divisive ‘online survival’ approach, all kinds of mobile nonsense and a couple of tasty teasers to wrap up. With Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo still to come, its going to be a busy week for Old Influenza, so strap in, and give 5* reviews freely!


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Recorded 11 June.

E3 2018 is under way and Old Influenza has a seriously bad case of engorged hype! Come join Phranchize as he runs downs all of the announcements at Xbox’s best E3 conference to date, and watch in pure wonderment as he boils the piss off everything in sight! Beware, all ye who enter… a heady blend of ill-informed opinion and actual facts lay ahead! Dont forget to come back for the breakdown of the remaining E3 conferences from Bethesda, Sony and Nintendo.


Recorded 06 June.

The hype is palpable at PBG HQ… Meaning that one 30-something year old man is sitting alone in a spare room converted into a studio, pissing his little knickers! Its the build up to E3, hence the clever “Pre E3” title, and Old Influenza needs to vent some of his E3 hype before he blows a games based gasket. Join Phranchize as he gets in amongst the weeds of what is expected/rumoured to be at this years E3; rambling his way through the big conferences and picking his ‘Choice Cuts’. Don’t forget to get involved on your social media outlet of choice.


Recorded 03 June.

Old Influenza is back after falling foul of multiple technology failures; serendipitously, to talk about a game based around multiple technology failures! Have story telling masters, raconteur supremos, ‘Quantic Dream’ managed to reach the heady heights of their seminal title ‘Heavy Rain’? Find out, as Phranchize boils the piss off it and delivers his verdict in that rambling, shambolic style he has found infamy with. The look, the feel, the mechanics… all wrapped up nicely with a very well signposted spoilery bit right at the end. Interested to find out how badly things turned out for Old Phranchize and his android buddies? Make sure you stay till the death!


Recorded 03 May.

After a brief hiatus due to “adulting” and general mental anguish, Old Influenza is back with a rambling, nonsensical bang; bringing that Hotness on Sony Santa Monica “Game Of The Year” contender, God Of War. Join Old Phranchize as he delivers a “not review” of the latest instalment in the Sony exclusive franchise set in a fantastical, royalty free world of Norse Gods and weathered old patriarchal figures with awesome beards.


Recorded 15th April.

Phranchize is back with ‘The Hotness”… If “The Hotness” consists of scatterbrain thoughts and random tangents. Despite the tag team of The Universe and Technology (the mega powers?) conspiring against Old Influenza, he’s still managed to deliver the (damaged) goods on Ninja Theory’s puzzle/action/mental illness award winning ‘Hellblade’. Don’t call it a review! You can also expect a couple of “Choice Cuts” of news by way of;

  • Shenmue 1 & 2 remasters coming!
  • A new challenger for the Battle Royale crown emerges in Bosskey Studios “Radical Heights”.



Recorded 05th April.

A little later than he’d like, Old Influenza is back after a short break “adulting” to spill his guts on Ubisoft’s latest open world, culty, shooty, wildlifey jaunt; Far Cry 5. Expect rambling, sidetracks, his new venture in raising awareness of The Honey Badger and maybe some actual thoughts on the game. Also, a couple of tasty Choice Cuts;

  • Spiderman finally has a release date.
  • The Spyro Remaster is real.




Recorded 24 March.

Old Phranchize has been sailing them choppy waters, where servers allow, and has made land to bring you his thoughts on Rare’s new pirate romp, “Sea Of Thieves”. I promise, that’s it for the pirate based puns… all pure, golden opinion from here on out. Beautiful seas, empty worlds and memorable moments ahoy!… Ok, that was the last one.



Recorded 18 March.

Two things Old Influenza does well are 1. Buy games… and 2. Talk incessantly. On this episode, expect both in spades. If you’d be so kind, allow Phranchize to thumb his opinions on both Burnout Paradise Remastered AND, latest Xbox preview program offering ‘The Darwin Project’, straight into your earholes. Topped off nicely with a couple of ‘Choice Cuts’;

  • The UK adds another game to the ‘banned’ list,
  • Drake and Ninja set all new, non-tournament Twitch streaming record.