Recorded 07 July.

If there already wasn’t enough proof of the game industry’s belligerently toxic community, on this weeks episode Old Phranchize and Producer Nice Guy Jonny try to make sense of the abhorrent “death threats” tweet heard around the world, aimed at TLOU2 voice actor, Laura Bailey. On a lighter note, other Choice Cuts this week include; Microsoft have been busy – a trio of news pieces attributed to them including Phil Spencer tossing his hat into the ring for the acquisition of WB Games, new Batman “Gotham Knights” rumours, Fallout is getting a TV show thanks to Amazon Prime, Ubisoft giving away Watchdogs 2 for free and THQ Nordic have been doing what THQ Nordic does best, remastering yet another Double-A game, Kingdoms Of Amalur: RE-Reckoning. Bring back Legacy Of Kain, you cowards!

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