Recorded 28 April.

In what was looking like a dry week for news, Sony, in the eleventh hour, drops some updated release dates for The Last Of Us Part 2 and The Ghost of Tsushima. Other tidbits for Old Phranchize and Nice Guy Jonny to get their teeth into include; Call Of Duty: Warzone cheaters get rounded up and made to fight to the death, the glory days of “cheat codes”, the next WWE game from 2K is revealed and its a return to the arcade style, Fallout 76 is the gift that keeps on giving with its sticky fingered NPC’s and communist robots, Sky Panthers(TM) favourite ‘Battlefield V’ announces its final major update, wrapping up with the headline in this weeks round up of “Choice Cuts”; the indefinitely delayed “The Last Of Us Part 2” gets its release date three weeks later than originally planned, swiftly followed by major leaks, and ‘Goats’? Of Tsushima slips back a month to accommodate Naughty Dog’s surefire GOTY contender.

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