Recorded 12 May.

With another weeks worth of news under their belt, Old Phranchize and Nice Guy Jonny are back; boiling the piss off those ‘Choice Cuts’ like no other. On this weeks show; Nice Guy Jonny’s thoughts on ‘Deliver Us The Moon’, the survival game genre, Microsoft admits the flaw in its “Xbox 2020” messaging, Vicarious Visions – the company behind the wildly successful Crash Bandicoot remaster – are behind the newly announced Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1&2 Remaster, rumours of a Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster are picking up steam, Sony follows Microsoft’s lead and forms “Playstation Studios”; encompassing its first party game studios under a shiny new umbrella, Sony have quickly quashed an apparent leaked October release date for PS5, rounding up a trifecta of Playstation news with a “Goats Of Tsushima” State Of Play coming this Thursday!

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