Recorded 15th April.

Phranchize is back with ‘The Hotness”… If “The Hotness” consists of scatterbrain thoughts and random tangents. Despite the tag team of The Universe and Technology (the mega powers?) conspiring against Old Influenza, he’s still managed to deliver the (damaged) goods on Ninja Theory’s puzzle/action/mental illness award winning ‘Hellblade’. Don’t call it a review! You can also expect a couple of “Choice Cuts” of news by way of;

  • Shenmue 1 & 2 remasters coming!
  • A new challenger for the Battle Royale crown emerges in Bosskey Studios “Radical Heights”.



Recorded 05th April.

A little later than he’d like, Old Influenza is back after a short break “adulting” to spill his guts on Ubisoft’s latest open world, culty, shooty, wildlifey jaunt; Far Cry 5. Expect rambling, sidetracks, his new venture in raising awareness of The Honey Badger and maybe some actual thoughts on the game. Also, a couple of tasty Choice Cuts;

  • Spiderman finally has a release date.
  • The Spyro Remaster is real.