Recorded 09 June.

Following a short lay-off due to personal circumstance and global unease, Old Phranchize and Producer Nice Guy Jonny are back to tackle the gaming news of the week. In a week that saw Nice Guy Jonny finally roll credits on Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the lads get caught up on other games on their docket this week, including Iron Man VR, Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, “Jonny-ass game” of the week ‘Thimbleweed Park’ and for some reason, multiple mentions of Sony first party offering ‘Days Gone’. As far as news in concerned this week, the PS5 reveal event has been rescheduled, a data-mine suggests Warzone Season 4 is coming on the same day and Naughty Dog tease a new IP following The Last Of Us Part 2?

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