Recorded 16 June.

On this weeks episode of PBG, a week that saw Nice Guy Jonny succumb to “adulting”, Old Phranchize goes in hard on the disappointing forth season of Warzone (the difficult third album); before pontificating over if season 5 will be the big one? Also on this weeks show, The Last Of Us 2 review scores are in (spoilers, its a “masterpiece”) which inspires the lads to create a challenge for next week -“The Hyperbol-Off!”, Phranchize doesn’t like to brag but he would like to remind everyone how right he was about PS5’s ‘Spider-Man Miles Morales’, Warner Bros is looking to offload its gaming arm of the business, the Nintendo #JumpRopeChallenge, Animal Crossing offering Dominatrix diversity, wrapping up with the EA Squadrons reveal and “Old Phranchize: Hype-Rancher”.


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