Recorded 21 July.

Old Phranchize and Producer Nice Guy Jonny are back with another weeks worth of gaming news. To call this weeks offerings ‘meek’ or ‘anaemic’ would be cruel, but accurate. Nevertheless, the show must go on! On this weeks show; Old Phranchize boils the piss off his first ten hours with Ghost Of Tsushima while Nice Guy Jonny find himself taxi driving in White Orchard, we got to see a presentation (pronounced ‘damp squib’) all about the PS5 DualSense controller, ‘Rogue Company’ and its double debut on the miniest Nintendo Direct Mini yet & Day Of The Devs, Talkin’ about Bugsnax, Spider-Man Miles Morales comes with an OPTION to play in 4K 60FPS???, the datamined “Red Door” Call Of Duty leaks are back in the news cycle, ID@Xbox rolls out over 70 demo’s and finally, Dr Disrespect returns!

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