Recorded 25th Feb.

Phranchize is back with his “hot take” on Konami’s new Metal Gear cash grab, Metal Gear Survive: Spoilers – Despite the torrent of negativity, its not bad… at all. Old ‘Influenza’ touches on the story, the look and the mechanics in that signature rambling, structure-less style you’ve come to expect from the self-appointed ‘worlds premier underground influencer’. Also on this episode, news on a couple of choice Remasters heading our way in Burnout Paradise and N64 classic, Turok!


The “Last Guardian” of gaming podcasts, Old Phranchize has finally pulled the finger out long enough to get ball rolling on his latest venture. In this, the Pilot episode, Old Phranchize attempts to set the foundations for what is sure to become “The worlds best, most average gaming podcast”! Expect that signature rambling style while “The Influenza” tackles games he’s buying of late; including Dragonball Fighterz, Shadow Of The Colossus, UFC 3 and Monster Hunter World; all the while trying to create a formula for the perfect podcast on the fly.