Recorded 25 February.

The Dream Team of Old Phranchize and Producer Nice Guy Jonny are back with a platter of fresh ‘Choice Cuts’ of gaming news from this past week! On this weeks episode, Xbox chief Phil Spencer has spilled the beans on what the Xbox Series X hardware is capable of, CD Projekt Red claim the accolade of second biggest developer in Europe on the back of a single IP, and Nintendo drop the ball on yet another First Party title without cloud save support… on their own cloud!

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Recorded 18 February.

Old Phranchize and Nice Guy Jonny are back; the addict and the filthy casual, the yin and yang of gaming podcasters. Loaded with some more of those fine ‘Choice Cuts’ of gaming news, Darksiders Genesis, the Dualshock back attachment and the first impressions of the new title from Little Big Planet studio, Media Molecule. Find out what Old Phranchize thought of the seemingly infinite creation suite and if Nice Guy Jonny will ever finish playing Jedi: Fallen Order!

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Recorded 11 February.

The first full show since the announcement of the soft reboot of PBG has set the bar! Laden with new features and dare we say, structure, Old Phranchize and Producer “Nice Guy Jonny” pick apart the biggest news of the past week. News worthy items this week include; Dan Houser leaves Rockstar, the coronavirus ‘Covid-19’ sets its sights on the game industry and the assumed dead-in-the-water, Christmas Decorations still up in February, Sci-Fantasy Iron Man simulator ‘Anthem’ looks set for a Kylo-Ren/ No Mans Sky redemption story.

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Recorded 04 February.

Phranchize Buys Games is coming back, attempting to write the wrongs of the last soft reboot by bringing on some extra talent to help lighten the load! A new run of show, a new timeslot, a familiar voice… Its the 2020 soft reboot of PBG!

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