Recorded 08 March.

Old Phranchize with the double drop! Less than 24 hours removed from the Bravo team episode, Influenza is back to break down the March 8th Nintendo Direct and all the Hotness that came with it. Expect that signature rambling on topics including;

  • Detective Pikachu and general Pokemon chat
  • Luigi’s Mansion
  • Octopath: The Traveler (AKA NOT Final Fantasy 16)
  • Dark Souls getting on board that Amiibo game
  • Mario Tennis Aces
  • Splatoon 2’s single player expansion
  • SUPER SMASH BROS 2018!!!




Recorded 08 March.

Phranchize is back with “The Hotness” and, true to the title of his Podcast, has been buying games. On this episode, old Influenza spills his scatterbrain thoughts on Supermassive’s new PSVR shooter title, Bravo Team. Also, a couple of tasty ‘Choice Cuts’ by way of;

  • State Of Decay 2 has a release date,
  • The Division 2 has been announced,
  • Call of Duty “BLOPS” 4 news drops,
  • The upcoming Nintendo Direct.




Recorded 03 March.

What does Old Influenza do when a week goes by without him buying a game? Launch a new show theme, of course! From the mind of Old Phranchize, “Choice Cuts” is the news round-up show you never even knew you wanted, that will bolster the ranks of the worlds premier gaming podcast! On the first installment of choice cuts (read in Phranchize’ news voice);

  • Batman Gotham City Chronicles goes Live on Kickstarter
  • Detroit Become Human release date announced amid storm of controversy
  • Battlefield 2018 to be set in WW2
  • PS+ pulls PS3 and Vita support



Recorded 25th Feb.

Phranchize is back with his “hot take” on Konami’s new Metal Gear cash grab, Metal Gear Survive: Spoilers – Despite the torrent of negativity, its not bad… at all. Old ‘Influenza’ touches on the story, the look and the mechanics in that signature rambling, structure-less style you’ve come to expect from the self-appointed ‘worlds premier underground influencer’. Also on this episode, news on a couple of choice Remasters heading our way in Burnout Paradise and N64 classic, Turok!